Hey There

Clients' goals are the why behind my business. Watching you achieve that goal stirring in your heart is such an amazing gift. I am honored every time someone allows me an upfront seat to the story of their life! 

Who is Chel? 

I think my earliest memories are of me with a toy microphone in my hand, talking to an entire arena of stuffed animals seated before me. 

Over the years the stage has become a very natural and comfortable place for me, not for the spotlight but because I have come to understand few entrepreneurs have someone who wants to be their cheerleader and fan. Few people will speak to the heart of a warrior in the throws of bringing their dream to reality. Many will try and sell you their product to make your life "easier" but rarely stop to listen to who you are and what you want to create. 

The power and resilience of the human spirit is so engaging to me. I am fascinated by business ideas that people create and love to use my problem-solving and leadership skills to help make their dream a reality. 


I work hard, but I also keep my most important people/projects in the forefront. On my intentional days off, you'll probably find me doing something simple with my family, hoping my hubby is going to be cooking something on the grill, and laughing out loud as much as possible. 






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