"Dream big, then take small consistent steps toward it."

Meet Chel

Certified Leadership & Life Coach

Certiified Emotional Intelligence Coach

Hi, I’m Chel.

I have spent the last 25 years of my life working with teens and adults, in what is now known as a "coaching" scenario. I have had opportunities to build teams, lead teams and mentor individuals in both for-profit and not-for-profit scenarios. I have been excited to be a keynote speaker in several of those capacities. I have also worked with entrepreneurs to build & scale their businesses. 

Before I tell you too much more about business, let me tell you a little bit about me personally. 

What I Specialize In

Team Problem Solving Sessions

Intentional Living, Mindset and Goal Setting tips on my blog. 

Mindset Coaching

1:1 Personal Coaching


The distance between your goals and reality is called action.

Begin your journey today.

“Chel has been a great facilitator for our problem-solving sessions. Her approach has led my team(s) to take action where we were previously at a standstill for months on end. 

Breakthrough acheived! "

- J. Mallady, employee development 

"I met with Chel to address the fear that was affecting my marriage and career. Just one session, and I began to see improvements. The tools and material i left with made me feel more sure of myself. As we continued to work together, my anxiety seemed to slip away by itself. If it does occasionally resurface, I now know how to effectively handle it. 


It has changed my life." 

- LG, Small Business Owner

"Chel is more than a coach for me. She is a life strategist. I now have the tools for making my goals a reality. She challenges me with hard questions and is helping me become a better me for my family AND my business. I am so thankful God has blessed her with this undeniable gift. "

- A. Bush, entrepreneur & photographer

Let's Connect! 

  • A brief introduction to 1:1 Coaching

    30 min

  • Simple Habits. Sustainable Growth

    Started Aug 27, 2020

    200 US dollars
  • 5 weeks geared specifically to your individual goals and objectives.

    1 hr

    $600 -5 1:1 sessions

Live Your Best Life

Let's Connect

Email: chel@chelgarrison.com

Phone: 217.898.5362

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